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Brainstorm STEM Kits

[Classroom Pack Edition] BrainStorm STEM Seed Science Starter Kit For Kids + Wooden Planter Garden Build Kit

[Classroom Pack Edition] BrainStorm STEM Seed Science Starter Kit For Kids + Wooden Planter Garden Build Kit


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【CLASSROOM PACK】– This special teacher's edition of our original STEM kit includes 10 kits, each with a student instruction manual, plus a handy Educator Guide so you can develop a seamless lesson plan for the whole class.

【Build, Plant, Grow】– Comes with planter seeds. Learn how to care for plants in your own mini garden that you build yourself! Watch the full growth cycle of your plants from seed to sprout to fully grown. See the roots spread down into the soil with the observation window and learn about botany!

【By Teachers, For Teachers】– BrainStorm STEM kits are engineered for the classroom! They are tested in schools to be understandable and craftable for kids. This grow kit makes a wonderful whole-class science project! 

【Easy Irrigation System】– Build a watering channel for your garden! Just push down the plunger to drizzle water on your whole garden at once. Measure your garden's water intake and make it a science experiment!  

【Easy Assembly, Step-by-Step Instructions】– Science project for family, friends, or class. Includes kid-friendly instructions with plenty of big pictures, science, history, tips and tricks, and everything you need to know about growing your seedlings! 

【UV-Powered Growth】– Wire up an included UV LED light strip with batteries to boost your garden's growth, even in low light. Discuss how we can imitate high-energy rays from the sun with battery-powered light!  


10 BrainStorm Seed2Sprout STEM Kits including seeds, soil, quality laser-cut birchwood construction pieces, root viewing windows, UV grow lights

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Brainstorm STEM Kits

BrainStorm STEM Kits are the perfect way to create successful STEM experiences for your students. Each kit is thoughtfully designed by our expert team of STEM Educators to create turn-key STEM activities that really work in the classroom.

  • Designed for Kids

    Our kits are designed to be built by kids.  That means we focus on keeping each project simple, straightforward and kid-friendly.  Too many parts can be confusing and overwhelming for kids.  Our cleverly designed kits are awesome, but not overly complex.  The parts for each kit connect together easily making building a snap

  • Simple Step-by-Step Instructions

    The easy and intuitive instructions provide a simple illustrated step-by-step guide for each project.  The instructions pictures highlight the part used and attachment location for each step of the build making it easy for kids to follow.

  • Engaging and Fun Activities

    While building each of our kits is lots of fun, playing with them is even better!  We design each of our kits around engaging activities that give each project purpose and create an opportunity for exploration, learning and, of course, fun!!

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