Classroom Complete Bundle - School STEM Variety Kit [10 of each Kit for 90 total Kits]

Sale price$2,699.00

【A Range of STEM Concepts for Schools】– This school pack covers a plethora of NGSS and Common Core standards with hands-on STEM experiments! Explore 9 different concepts with hours of engagement for the whole class. 

Includes 90 of our favorite STEM Kits for schools in one package at a discounted price! The bundle includes:

  • 10 Solar Oven STEM Kits 
  • 10 Rocketry STEM Kits
  • 10 Wooden Catapult STEM Kits
  • 10 Wind Energy Turbine STEM Kits
  • 10 Circuit Sword STEM Kits
  • 10 Earthquake Engineering STEM Kits
  • 10 Seed Science STEM Kits
  • 10 Solar Racer STEM Kits
  • 10 Energy Dragster STEM Kits

Each STEM kit comes ready for students to build, including step-by-step instructions and all materials needed! 

BrainStorm's STEM project mission is all about experiment sets that kids can actually understand and create. We engineer our kits so that each is a learning and success experience that makes kids become passionate about something new while getting a new learning toy to keep. They're reusable, too!

【By Teachers, For Teachers】– All kits are designed and tested for an innovative classroom STEM experience! Our parts use safe, simple slide-in wooden connector joints instead of glue and mess. Learn through creation and bring real hands-on engagement into science class! 

【Hands-On STEM Engagement】– Take science class to new levels with real hands-on experiments! We design our STEM kits for student success, so that kids can actually engage with difficult topics in a way that they can understand - while building a fun project they can use again and again.